Intermediate -Characters-

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After mastering the beginner level, challenge yourself to real illustration!
Here is the intermediate-level lesson for illutration♪

In this lesson, I'll be teaching you how to draw a character as intermediate level
or people who have mastered the beginner's level or for someone who already has basic knowledge of illustration

In the beginner's level, we learned about how to draw and color still objects and animals.
But today we will challenge ourselves to drawing people.

I'm going to teach you everything from
drawing the outline and the finishing touches when drawing a person.

When drawing a human, not only do we need the skills when drawing still objects and animals
but we need a higher level of skill.

How to balance the proportion when drawing the face
How to create an expression
Skills when drawing movement

and much more!
I'm going to give you a thorough explanation on how to draw an illustration of a person just like NAPPY sensei.

By mastering the techniques of this lecture.
you will be able to understand how to draw a character like person.

Today, we will be drawing a surprised faced girl but by mastering the techniques.
you will be able to draw different expressions and even boys as well.

This is a must watch lesson if you want to draw characters like NAPPY sensei.
So please challenge yourself.

After mastering the beginner's level of drawing still object and animals,
master the intermediate level of character drawing
and challenge yourself to advanced level.
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