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[Eng Sub] Day5. Building the body ~ Finish

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About this video
It Looks So Real!5-day program to help you grasp the points to make it look alive♪

The lesson is divided into 5 days andthe teacher will give a thorough explanation to every point one by one.

【Lesson Content】


Day1. Making Foundation~Muzzle

We will make a foundation for the face and the nose, which is the base when making a Maltese.
"How much wool should we cut out?",
"Until how hard should we stab?" and so on,
are going to be taught in the lesson!


Day2. Applying Plastic eyes ~ Eyelids

We will decide the expression for the Maltese!
The knack for balancing the parts on the face and the point about how to make the eyes look more real!


Day3. Putting flesh on the muzzle ~ Putting on the nose

We will put on flesh on the face, starting from the muzzle!
Putting on the nose and a line in the mouth, it will look more and more alive!


Day4. Putting on eye shadow ~ Making ears

Though it is close to the completion, this is also an important part!
We need to be careful of the colors of the eye shadow and the ears in order to make it look real.


Day5. Building the body ~ Finish

Finally, we will put the ears on and plant hair.
This part is very important. The explanation will be clear and thorough until the end!


The lesson will go on like this.
Once you have taken the lesson, you can replay it AGAIN AND AGAIN. So, you can play back and review the complicated procedures or weak parts at your own pace♪

The lesson is set to be finished in 5 days,
but you can do it at your own speed!

Please make a cute Maltese with your favorite expression♪

※ Since names of manufacturers for the material kit are not specified,
the content is for intermediate students or above who have acquired certain knowledge.
Of course, as long as you have all the material, it is all fine even for beginners too! Ms. Ota will teach the basic knowledge and skills from the very beginning!
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