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How to Use a Liner Brush

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Essential technique for detailed nail art!
Learn how to draw with a liner brush, which is useful in many ways.

This lesson is about drawing straight and curved lines using a liner brush.

The liner brush is very useful in different types of art,
but it can be difficult to draw a nice thin line.

However, mastering the use of a liner brush will broaden the range of art.

◆How to take the paint onto the brush
◆The angle of the brush when drawing thin lines
◆Tips on drawing a nice even line

The lesson features these 3 points and other techniques that'll be useful for any type of art.

It shares tips on drawing steady lines and smooth curves, and is a step-by-step guide for those who struggle to draw delicate lines.

First, practice drawing straight and curved lines on a piece of paper.
And draw an ivy on actual nail tip at the end.

Master it once and apply the techniques to other designs as well.
So, try working on other delicate art as well.

In addition to drawing correctly, holding the brush in the right way is also very important.

The lesson also focuses on how to hold the brush as well.Please take this opportunity to master the use of liner brushes!
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