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How to Use Angular Brush

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Learn how to use the angular brush.
Let's learn how to draw a beautiful gradient flower!

This lesson will feature the angular brush and teaches how to draw a gradient flower.

The angular brush is perfect for drawing flowers since the tip is cut off diagonally.

Although it can be a bit difficult to handle the brush, the tips in this lesson will make it easy to make the gradient and flowers with beautifully overlapped petals.

◆How to make a gradient
◆A solution for when you can't successfully make a gradient
◆The correct angle of the brush stroke
◆How to draw a nice shape of the flower

This lesson teaches the above points and other useful tips that'll come in handy when drawing the flower.

Practice first with a sheet of paper.
Then work on an actual nail tip.

The ratio of each color in the gradient is different depending on where you're drawing the overlapped petals,
but this tutorial will thoroughly explain the ratio of each color for you.

If you learn it once, you can apply the technique when drawing any other types of flowers.

In addition, how to take the colors for the gradient on the brush, what kind of brush pressure is appropriate, and other tips essential for creating a classy, versatile flower art are explained.

Take this opportunity and master the use of angular brush,
and try gradient flowers with different colors!
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