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How to Use Flat Brush

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How to use a flat brush
Learn the technique for drawing beautiful flower petals!

This lesson shows how to draw neat lines and petals for the flowers, using only flat brushes.

Normally, flat brushes are used for applying base gel/color
or for top gel, and they're usually used to create a base for the nails.

However, by learning how to properly use them, you can use the brush to create some artwork that's very delicate and neat.

◆How to take the paint on flat brushes
◆The correct angle of the stroke
◆Tips on drawing consistently even lines

The lesson focuses on these points and many others.

In this lesson, you will first practice vertical lines, horizontal lines, and flowers on a sheet of paper
and work on an actual nail tip at the end.

The water to paint ratio as well as the pressure and angle of the brush is very important, and the lesson will explain these points by showing some failed examples.

Understanding the mistakes beforehand will let you improve faster.

The lesson will show how to draw two flowers with 5 or 8 petals. There will be tips on how to draw the overlapping petals and balancing them.

By drawing consistently even lines and well-shaped flowers, your everyday artwork will become finer and more delicate.

Master the use of flat brush, and
let's make some flowers using flat brushes!
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