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Simple Nuance Flower

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An easy to paint, nuance flower art.
We will lecture you with Riyo's quick method!

In this lesson, you will learn a quick method to create flower art
which can be used all year round in salon work.

The flower we will lecture you on today is easy to paint.
It's easy, but Riyo's way of coloring will allow you to strongly bring out the nuance.

It's fine even if you aren't that good at nuance art!
Just by mastering the steps, you can easily
make flower art that isn't overly conspicuous, with a soft impression.

Other than that,

◆Tips on the positioning of the flower petals
◆An easy way to paint flower petals, and the gel that suits it
◆The way to paint leaves which further bring out the nuance

centered on the above points,
we will lecture you on the nuance flower which doesn't look too casual.

As long as you master the easy steps, the variations are infinite!

For the base color and the color of the flower, you can pick any color that you like.

This time we use a pop color with a summer theme,
but you can pick different colors depending on the season.

You can use brown, bordeaux, or yellow in the fall to create a sense of depth,
or use pink in the spring to fully bring out the seasonality.

You can enjoy different moods depending on the season with this flower art.

Also, this easy-to-make, quick flower art is
sure to be of use in salon work!

Please master it, and enjoy your own unique variations!