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Tarashikomi -Beginner-

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A colorful and stylish nail art!
Riyo will be teaching the Tarashikomi nail art for beginners

In today's lesson, Riyo will be teaching the Tarashikomi nail art,
which is a very colorful art.

The Tarashikomi nail art that Riyo creates using a variety of colors
is a stylish nail art that you can use for everyday and fancy occasions as well.

You can arrange the look using your favorite colors.

The "nuance art", which is difficult to represent,
is now becoming a favorite nail art design.

However, there are many people that aren't good at
or have never tried the "nuance art".

In this lesson, the following points will be taught for those who aren't accustomed to "nuance art"

◆The order of painting colors
◆How to get a balanced look
◆Brush techniques for a stylish finish

Each step will be taught carefully for beginners.

The key is to position the spots depending on the color,
instead of positioning them randomly.

You will learn the technique and tips to place the colors beautifully.

Once you learn the techniques, you can arrange the colors at your will.

You can use a variety of colors and add it to your usual nail art,
or add it to a nail along with one-color nails.

Please enjoy learning Riyo's Tarashikomi nail art.

Music in this video: Hello Taylor Swift by DJ Br&yn
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