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Dual-Purpose Hair Styling

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A dual-purpose gel styling that works both in business and private!
The lesson tells you instructor Otuski’s original styling method that works perfectly.

In this lesson, the instructor tells you a hair styling method using a gel.
He teaches you an all-purpose hair style
that works both in business and private.

Unlike a wax, a gel is a styling material
that can keep a hair flow rigidly.

It’s nice that a gel drys fast and lasts long.

The instructors will show you how to use a gel with some useful tips in using it
while creating a hair style that utilizes such characteristics of a gel.

○ How to form a hairstyle and things to keep in mind when drying with a dryer
○ Tips for making a firm hair flow
○ How to handle a gel and useful tips when applying

The instructor Otsuki will explain you carefully in a comprehensive way.

Beside those tips mentioned above, he also explains some tricks
to make it look cool, which is unique to the gel styling.

Mastering this all-purpose gel styling
will definitely help you daily as well as on your special occasions.

By mastering the tips and the way of handling a gel,
Anyone can make a cool gel hairstyle.

It’s perfect not only for daily use but also for weddings, a coming of age ceremony,
children’s special occasions with summer kimonos.

So please master it and make full use of it on both your everyday and special occasions.
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