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How to Bundle Up Hair with Curling Iron

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Hairstyling for men featuring small bundles of hair!
The lesson covers a fashionable hairstyle that can be created with just a curling iron and wax.

This lesson explains how to bundle up hair and
make a stylish hairstyle using a 19mm curling iron and wax.

It is possible to give a soft and fashionable impression by making use of small hair bundles and curls.
Create an elaborate hairstyle by
neatly drawing out and setting each bundle of hair.

The lesson covers the process starting from
making curls with curling irons up to finishing up the hairstyle using wax.

Don't miss out on Sho Otsuki's techniques with a curling iron!

The instructor explains:

◯The correct angle of the layers of hair
◯Tips to remember when curling bangs
◯Why curls are often overdone
◯Effective ways of waxing that emphasize the small bundles of hair

while bundling up hair with a curling iron.

Sho will explain his own way of making curls
that doesn't just end there, but gives a stylish impression.

This hairstyle can be adjusted according to the mood,
because it can resemble a permanent wave.

The hairstyle in this lesson is produced by a simple process.

Once you master how to create the curls,
the hairstyle should come in very handy in salon work and busy mornings.

It can easily be produced with just a curling iron and wax,
so please try applying it to your own hair arrangements as well!
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