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Wave Style -Advanced-

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An application of the wave style.
Learn how to make a side wave hairstyle!

In this lesson, you will learn several new hair stylings
where you can apply the Otsuki wave style techniques.

With the wave style, you can enjoy a refined fashion.
It is one of the most fashionable designs recommended for those who wish to have a cultivated look.

Wave style is often associated with a perm,
but this time you will learn how to style with just hair iron and hair wax.

By following the lecturer Sho Otsuki's movement of the hair iron, you can easily make the waves.

In this lesson, you will learn how to make your hair wavy, along with

◆The rules when making the waves
◆Tips for your hand movements
◆Key points for making a hairstyle that looks 3D from every angle.

Sho Otsuki will give you a thorough explanation
on how to make a wave style in his way.

This is also suitable for those of you that are used to making wave styles.
Take the chance to relearn the technique from Sho Otsuki!

The fashionable wave style is an indispensable hair arrangement in hair salons.
Learn the wave style with solidity and movement and take a big lead from your fellow stylists!

The lesson will only use hair iron and hair wax,
so this lesson is recommended for people who want to self-arrange their hair!
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