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Wavy Hairstyle with Lifted Bangs

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Up-bangs style, perfect for summer!
Learn how to create a wavy style, with the bangs raised up.

In this lesson, learn how to create an up-bangs style,
which results in a manly finish.

The up-bangs style is a very classic hairstyle; make yourself stand out
by adding a waves to your hair bundles.

In this lesson, in addition to learning how to create the waves, you will learn how to create movement
and how to create volume.

We will explain how to use the dryer for the upper style,
and how to finish the process by putting on wax.

This lesson alone should allow you to master it perfectly.

We don't use any special methods, so
it is recommended even for hair styling beginners.

◆The ratio to use when dividing your bangs
◆Points to be careful of when drying your hair with a dryer
◆Tips to prevent the waves from being incomplete
◆Where to put the waves and where to put outward curls

like the above, you will be learning the fine details.

Other than that, learn what to be careful of when trying to create volume,
points to consider to achieve a balanced finish,
and how to perfectly create the upper style.

In this lesson, you will learn how to style short length hair, but
as long as you master the points, you can apply it to hairs of any length.

Please master this with instructor Sho Otsuki's easy to understand explanations,
and actively use it.

Stand out from your surroundings with the wavy upper style!
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