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Creating airly short hairtyle with textures

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Styling is crucial for salonwork.
This lesson is about creating a short length airy hairstyle.

In this lesson, we will lecture you on the airy style,
which is simple but turns out nicely.

The airy style has a soft, light impression as if there were air in between hair bundles,
and it is a classic style that you definitely want to master.

This styling has a soft impression and doesn't overdo it,
so it should definitely be of great use in salonwork.

Today we will give this lesson while
styling short hair without a perm.

We will lecture you from the process of making the base with a curling iron,
to finishing it with wax.

◆How to make the bundles
◆How to curl the hair
◆Tips on how to create movement
◆Tips on how to finish it with a sense of balance
◆How to put on wax

Centered on the above points,
instructor Otsuki will explain to you the important points.

Please keep the important points in mind, look at it several times, and learn for yourselves.

Giving it an airy taste allows for a fashionable finish.
The puffy, soft texture brings out an elegant mood.

The process itself is very simple, so keep the important points in mind
and make use of it in your salonwork.

Also, the movement of the curling iron and the way to put on wax are very basic,
so this lesson is recommended for people who want to self-arrange their hair!
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