Wire Ribbon

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A useful pre-makable accessory! Polka-dotted ribbons made only out of wire!
This will be a lesson on how to make an extremely cute 3D wire ribbon!

These cute polka-dotted wire ribbons can be pre-made, and they save time and cost !
In this lesson, you'll be learning how to make a ribbon out of a single wire, and it looks cute yet mature!

It's a ribbon design that all girls will love.
Ribbon designs can look unintentionally childish, but the ribbon that Tanabe Saori has created is unique.

During the course of this lesson, she'll explain how to create a wire ribbon design that maintains its cuteness while still being cool and mature.

◆How to make the wire ribbon
◆How to draw neat dots
◆How to attach the wire skillfully
◆How to make the wire ribbon 3D

All this and more, lots of techniques that you can try right now are in this lesson.

Also, if you are a nail artist who wants to create a ribbon design that feels more mature, this video is for you!

The wire ribbon can be pre-made, so you can cut down a lot on the time taken to finish the nail art!

Once you've mastered how to do this nail art, you can experiment with the size and pattern of the ribbon to create more designs!

Even just changing the color of the base or the ribbon can change the feel of the nail entirely.

"This time the ribbon is polka-dotted,
but doing a striped pattern in summer would look cute too!"

says your instructor Saori Tanabe.

Let's master this wire ribbon design and create more and more ribbon nail art!
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