Styling with Fashion Items

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Lecturing how to stlye fith fashion items.
Learn to style like the celebrity Instagrammers♪

She usually gives lessons on styling with flowers posed as the main theme, but she this time presents styling with some use of fashion accessories.

It is crucial to balance the colors and the positions of the items when you try to do styling of the combination of flowers and fashion items.

She's going to explain how from the beginning.


◆What type of clothes to choose
◆How to make it dynamic
◆Points to keep consistency

are among many that she's going to teach thoroughly about her way of styling.

Once you have mastered all the points and understood how to pick the right items, you have infinite ways to apply it into arrangements.

In this lesson, as she usually does, she's going to give you two patterns of styling while explaining the important things about the fashion styling.

You can do it with pinkish colors as in the lesson, of course, ans using bluish items will be also pretty.
You can enjoy various vibes of styling by changing the overall color concepts♪

Also, picking different pieces of clothes will also give whole different impressions.

Try styling with your favorite clothes or accessories that you always wear.
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