Flower Cone Styling

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The compatibility of a real ice-cream cone and a flower is incredible.
Teaching you how to style with a flower cone!

Today, she'll be introducing you on how to style a flower inside a real ice-cream cone.

The cuteness of the flower and the ice-cream cone
brings something that you think you would have seen in styling but really haven't.

Today, she'll be teaching you how to style a flower cone using eloquent colors of flowers
and a single type of flower

Using these 2 different styling methods
She's going to teach you
the techniques to style an amazing flower cone

◯How to bring unity to the whole piece
◯The techniques to give it a 3D feel
◯Arrangement methods and plant selection to change the aura

centering these, she's giving you a lesson on
how to style a cute flower cone.

Wouldn't it be great if you could create a beautiful flower cone
with your favorite flowers like this.

Once you master the styling and techniques, only the sky's the limit.

Make a lovely atmosphere using your favorite colored flowers
or use a seasonal flower to bring out a seasonal styling.

Let your imagination expand and think about what flowers you want to use while taking the lesson

Use this opportunity to challenge yourself to flower cone styling!
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