Flower Letter Styling

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♪ This video will teach you how to make
flower art which looks cute and natural, using ordinary envelopes.

In this lesson, you will learn how to arrange flowers
to make flower envelopes.

You can make a beautiful flower art using either just flowers
or other items that are easily available.

As you may know from the other lessons, "Flower core""Arrangements using fashion accessories
you can use items other than flowers to create more photogenic art.

In this lesson, you will be using ordinary envelopes!!

You will be learning how to make unique and interesting art using envelopes
by planting flowers in them or placing calligraphy cards next to it.

◆Tips for positioning flowers
◆Tips for creating harmony as a whole
◆Items you can use to brighten up the art

You will learn above tips through making the flower art on a table.

In the video, natural brown envelopes are used, but
you can change the color of the envelopes to create a totally different feel.

Check the color balance with the flowers and
use envelopes in white or other seasonal colors
to enjoy different feels.

Master the skills for the flower art with envelopes and
enjoy making your own♪
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