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It's like a jewel you can eat!
Learn how to make sparkling amber sweets!

Amber candies are a perfect summer treat!

In this lesson, you'll learn how to make beautiful amber sweets
with a jewel-like transparent touch.

Japanese sweets designer Yuki
has always been inspired by her grandmother's tea ceremony classes and traditional Japanese sweets served in the ceremony.

Now she looks at Japanese sweets from the perspective of a designer
and creates unique and beautifully delicate sweets.

In this lesson, Yuki will teach you how to make the popular "jewels you can eat," amber candies!

Made with agar and sugar, amber sweets are summer treats. They are beautiful to look at that you'll want to stare at them forever.

In this lesson, you'll learn

◆How to melt and mix the agar
◆How to make a clean surface
◆How to color the treat
◆How to cut the treat into various shapes

and other tips and tricks from Yuki that will help even beginners make great Japanese sweets.

You can make this with your kids
or make it a special welcoming treat for your friends and family.

These treats are great as gifts too, as they are fun to look at and last longer than unbaked sweets.

Once you master the basic recipe, you can arrange it however you like.
Cut the treat made in multiple colors into random shapes! It'll look like real jewels!

This beautiful Japanese treat will cool you down in the summer.
Take this opportunity to master and enjoy Japanese amber sweets!
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