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Drawstring Bag Made from Eco Andaria and Hamanaka Mohair

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Note: This online lesson does not yet have English subtitles. Our translating staff is currently creating the subtitles, so please wait until it is completed. If you purchase the lesson now, the subtitles for this online lesson will automatically be added once it has been released.

Comes with a downloadable design! (Downloadable after taking the lesson.)

Litlle Lions's popular design is taught in the online lesson!
How to make a bag with a design will be explained.

In today's lesson, we will use 2 types of yarn, eco andaria and Hamanaka mohair
and teach how to make a drawstring bag.

Eco andaria is a yarn perfect for summer due to its look and touch.
By combining this with Hamanaka mohair,
the drawstring bag can be used in the cool season after summer.

An allover design gives a simple but an unwearying impression.
It is a design that suits many kinds of fashion.

In this lesson, how to make this drawstring bag will be explained from the beginning.

◆How to weave the design
◆How to make the double tassels
◆How to weave and combine the bag's strings

Including the above, the techniques from the beginning of the knitting to the completion of the tassel
will be taught by Little Lion.

The most important technique in this artwork is "weaving".
We will focus on how to weave and explain it in details.

You can repeatedly watch and learn until you master it perfectly.

In addition to the techniques,
the key points of making it straight and finishing it in a nice shape will be taught.

All the essential techniques and key points are explained
very clearly.

This time are using eco andaria for silver and Hamanaka mohair for purple-blue,
but it can be made in any other colors.

It can be combined with different colors depending on the season
so please try it with your favorite colors!
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