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Splash Curls

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For those who are struggling with hairstyling every morning!
In this lesson, you will learn how to arrange moderate outward curls!

Instructor Kuni will guide you on how to create outward curls!
In this lesson, you will learn how to arrange this cool hairstyling using a flat iron!

Instructor Kuni from LAPUS shibuya
has a good reputation when it comes to short to medium and fade stylings.

Instructor Kuni, who is specialized in men's hairstyles, will present stylish hairstyling with his refined and overwhelming techniques.

As instructor Kuni says, men's hairstyles are like women's makeup.

Hairstyle changes a person a lot.
On his Instagram, he posts many videos that prove it.

In this video, instructor Kuni will teach you how to style outward curls, which really helps in everyday hair styling.
He will make a detailed explanation that even people who are not good with irons will be able to understand!

In this lesson, you will learn

◆Flat iron’s basic controls
◆How to create a volume at the top
◆How to arrange your bangs for this hairstyle

and even more! The lesson is full of explanations on how to arrange hairstyling with neat and charming outward curls!

Once you master the techniques, your morning hairstyling routine will become much easier!

Outward curls have a tendency to spread into different directions too much.
Instructor Kuni will teach you how to create a well-balanced look!

Use this chance to revise how you've been curling your hair up until know. This may completely change your hairstyling routine!

Listen to instructor Kuni's detailed explanations and master how to arrange outward curls!
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