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Inward Curls

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Take this lesson if you're struggling with hairstyling every morning!
In this lesson, you will learn how to make easy inward curls that help you make cool hairstyles!

Curling your hair inward gives a perfect base for hairstyling too!

In this lesson, the instructor will teach you one of the basic and important elements in hairstyling using the hair iron.

Instructor Kuni from the LAPIS Shibuya, who has a good reputation when it comes to short to medium and fade hairstyles, will guide you.

Instructor Kuni, who specializes in men's hairstyles, will present stylish hairstyling with his refined and superb techniques.

As instructor Kuni says, men's hairstyling is equivalent to women's makeup.

Hairstyle changes a person a lot.
On his Instagram, he posts a lot of videos that prove it.

Instructor Kuni himself will explain to you how to create curls using a flat iron, which is one of the basic techniques.
He will make a detailed explanation that even people who are not good with irons will be able to understand!

In this lesson you will learn:

◆How to make cool finishing touches
◆What angle to use when using an iron
◆Tricks when arranging the top part
◆Advice on styling

and even more! The lesson is full of advice on how to create a stylish curly look!

Once you master the techniques, your morning hairstyling routine will become much easier!

Use this chance to revise how you've been curling your hair up until now.
You will be surprised by how stylish your hairstyle looks!

Listen to instructor Kuni's detailed explanations and master how to arrange basic inward curls!
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