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Flower Crown Made with Matte Powder

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This lesson comes with a downloadable PDF text!
A lesson on how to create a cute wreath.

Completely master the cute and delicate art of powder painting!

Learn how to use matte powder to paint flowers and leaves!

Porcelarts allow you to make your own dishes and accessories, and the designs are all up to you.

Out of the various techniques such as transferring paper, painting, and gold decoration,
Miss Kitagawa focuses on the powder painting technique in tie video.

”I want to create a more gorgeous design"
For those who are thinking so, we would like to recommend the matte powder flower wreath that makes the full use of Miss Kitagawa's tips and techniques.

In this lesson, using pastel-colored materials,
the important points to draw a delicate and cute pattern will be explained!

◆The ratio of powder to solvent and its important points
◆Important points when drawing overlapping flowers
◆2 ways to draw leaves
◆Suitable brushwork for each part
◆Tips for dotting earrings and necklaces

The lesson includes the above points and more. It's filled with tips and techniques that can also be applied to other works.

In addition, a detailed lecture on tips for the lidded pottery is also included in the video.
Once you master the techniques to paint, you can also apply them for a wide range of things.

It can also be done over the transfer paper, so even changing the design of the base or the color of the flower can result in different designs.

So take this opportunity to learn the techniques from Miss Kitagawa and make use of it in your future works!
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