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Watercolor Girl Painting -Coloring-

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After the drafting and penciling, it's time for coloring!
The instructor will show you how to color with watercolors.

In this lesson,
she will color the draft of her illustration.

The instructor Karinpyong will tell you her own way of coloring
although there are many different ways in coloring and putting highlights or lowlights.

Using regular watercolor painting brushes,
she will show you her process of coloring
an illustration from scratch.

Karinpyong's illustrations are defined by their delicate details and special color usages.
She expresses gorgeousness with details on the paper
while giving some movements and 3D appearances to her illustration.

In addition to such coloring methods, she will explain:

◆How to grade colors
◆How to blend out colors
◆The way of coloring for creating a soft mood
◆The colors to be used for highlighting
◆The pen to be used for creating a mystical tone


There are no specific rules in coloring,
but you can learn Karinpyong's way of coloring for a delicate finish.

Once you master Karinpyong's original way of coloring,
you can arrange it freely.

You can create a totally different mood from the same illustration
by simply using different colors,
so go ahead and try it with various colors.

Master the way of coloring which can finish illustrations in a mystical mood
and enjoy drawing and painting!
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