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Watercolor Girl Painting -Drafting and Contouring-

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Learn with Karinpyong
the steps from drafting to contouring your illustration!

In this lesson, Karinpyong teaches
one of the most important steps of drawing: the draft.

Karinpyong explains the important points and tips to remember when drafting.
You can learn by watching Karinpyong draw in real time!

The order of drawing and the techniques used differs from person to person,
but in this lesson, you can learn from
the steps she takes in drafting and contouring.

◆Pens used for drafting and contouring
◆How to decide the structure
◆How to draw lines for characters with delicate features

And more!
Karinpyong will also teach you how to draw her original character
with her own example of drafting and contouring.

Illustrations like Karinpyong's, full of details and delicacy,
require having the right vision not only in the coloring stage but also the contouring stage.

Karinpyong explains in detail where and how
you need to draw the lines in order to give the character a delicate appearance.

Once you master Karinpyong's technique,
do not hesitate to try it yourself as well!

It might seem difficult at first, but remember that you can rewatch
as many times as you need until you learn how to draw delicate features.

After you finish the drafting and contouring, move on to the coloring!
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