Cherry Blossoms

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This lesson is designed for those who finished Rose(single flower) lesson.

A downloadable pattern included!
Take a lesson on the easy way to make sakura flower paper cut art!

Once you have learned how to make the rose papercut art, try learning a sakura design!
In this lesson, you will learn how to make pretty sakura flowers using the basic techniques.

Papercutting is easy to get started as long as you have paper, scissors and an art knife.

It's often thought of as a craft for children, but recently
many elaborate pieces have been making their appearance.

Papercuttings are made from just a single piece of paper, and they are delicate and stunning.
You may be one of many people who were enchanted by its beauty and thought:
" I also want to give papercutting a try!"

Jun's online lessons are recommended for people just like you.

Jun is a paper cut artist popular for his stained glass-like and colorful pieces.

This time, Jun will give a lecture on the sakura flowers made using the basic techniques of paper cutting.

Specifically, the lesson will teach:

◆The basics of using an art knife
◆A tip for cutting details nicely
◆How to choose balanced colors
◆How to color the way you want

It also contains plenty of other tips on how to make a lovely and delicate sakura flower.

The tips and techniques learned this time are all important and can be applied in other works.
So once you learn how to make this, the variations of your work can expand as well.

The paper cut art made carefully with time is also ideal interior decoration for the coming season.

Take this chance and learn about the world of paper cut art!
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