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Mosaic Candles

180217 mozaique candle square 01
180217 mozaique candle square 02
English version is coming soon...

The highly reputable lesson now available online!
Here's her candle nail art useful for all seasons♪

This lesson lectures:

◎How to make candle seeds that give depth
◎The order of candle-seed placings
◎Tips and no-nos for coloring

and a whole lot of points and tips to make deep-looking candle nail art.
Your lecturer mayu gives you thorough explanations this time as well.

Also goes pretty well with natural stones like this.
A promised hero for your salon work, as this art can be colored and constructed in a variety of ways :)

Try various colors to your heart's content and according to the season♪

Music in a Video: A Drive By Alone (Lorde Vs. Train) by Jeremy Turnbull