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Mosaic Candles

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Cute nail art with the texture of a candle and soft shades of color!
Learn how to make candle nail art with a gradient base!

In today's lesson, you will be taught how to make a cute, realistic candle-like nail
that will look like a real candle.

An eye-catching design with a sense of depth created by layers of wax
may look complicated and difficult at first glance.

But it's actually very easy to make.
This is nail art that you can create easily once you master the techniques.

In this lesson, in order to make your candle nail art look more realistic, you'll be taught:

◎How to make the decorative candle bits to create a sense of depth
◎How and in which order you should stick the decorative bits
◎Tips and what to take note of when adding color

and more.
As long as you remember the tips and points of note taught in this lesson,
you can make a realistic-looking candle nail even if you use different colors.

Moreover, you can make the decorative pieces inside the candle beforehand.
If you make a lot in advance, it'll help you save time.

You can make color gradients according to your own color preferences,
so there's a lot of room for color customization.
You can use a combination of different colors so it's a design that can be used all year round.

You can use whatever embellishments you have on hand to make it even prettier!
Use them as an accent to make your nail art look even more sophisticated.

Adjust the colors and vibe of the nail art to suit your customers' preferences
and create many different kinds of mosaic candle nail art!