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Violet Wreath Arrangement

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Only in spring! This is a wreath made of seasonal flowers.
In this lesson, you can learn Ishida-style wreath flower arrangement.♪

This is a lesson to make an elegant and soothing colored wreath arrangement.

In this lesson, Ishida will give a detailed lesson on the points of the elegant arrangement full of elegance.

Have you ever noticed placing an arrangement of flowers at your doorstep or in the living room makes the space more vibrant?

A life surrounded by flowers brings richness and peace to our hearts.

"I want to learn more about flowers !"
"Is there any way to decorate a room that matches its interior design?"

For those of you who think this way, Ishida delivers a lesson on how to bring out the beauty of the flowers to their fullest.

In this lesson, you can learn about the Ishida style wreath arrangement in detail.

◆Basic ways of wreath arrangement
◆How to use floral foam
◆Tip for laying out the flowers with good balance
◆Tip for making the wreath look more fascinating

It's a lesson packed with tips and techniques that will allow you to make a wreath that looks good even if you're a beginner."

It is a comprehensive lesson that covers everything from the basic knowledge for beginners to various tricks which Ishida practices.

Once you learn how to make it, you can also try various arrangments.
Of course, you can make your own wreath with your favorite flowers.

Take this opportunity to learn about the techniques for cute and elegant wreath arrangement
and start a life with refreshing flowers!
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