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Cameo & Katyusha Ribbon

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Advanced version of Relievo Nail Art!
Mature and cute brooch design.

Cameo, as you may know,
means a decor or a craft object featuring a relief image, made of marble or shells etc.

This time, we are going to apply the relief art skills demonstrated in the popular lesson,
to create a design featuring a stone-like relief.

Because this video includes the use of basic skills of "Relievo Nail Art" taught before,
here are full of tips and points demonstrated in the lesson.

Also♡ in response to many requests,
Ms. Tanabe will also instruct how to make "Katyusha Ribbon", her famous design.♡

Haven't you ever thought of "how can I make this"?
Please take this lesson and learn it!

Once you know how to make a broach or a Katyusha Ribbon,
the variety of art designs you can do will get much wider!

Please acquire the skills and make use of them in your own original designs!✨

Moreover, for customers who took both lessons, "Relievo Nail Art" and "Cameo & Katyusha Ribbon",
you can watch the special Bonus Lesson♪