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Relievo Nail Art

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The newest nail art lecture from nail artist Tanabe Saori!
Relievo Nail Art is finally online ♪

Relievo means we will make the accessories stand out slightly from the nail surface.
As it is getting popular, you may wonder: how to make this?

Today's lesson will include the basic methods to make relievo nail.
Only Here! The lecture also includes important techniques to perfect your work.

The artist Tanabe will explain everything thoroughly to you♡.

"After mastering it, you can also apply it in the nail salon with more color

Please learn and use it♪.

We also have another relievo nail art here
Cameo and Headband.

"Relievo Nail Art" and "Cameo & Katyusha Ribbon"
For those who have learned both lessons, we will offer you another "Special Online Course".


From artist Tanabe?{

This is a sepcial "secret recipe" for all our learners.
I have not updated it on the SNS. I hope you can enjoy making lots of arrangements and having fun♡