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For stylists: Mature and Cute Low Chignon

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A lesson for hairstylists!
In this lesson, you will learn how to make a mature but lovely low chignon hairstyle!

Chignons are very popular and help to create a mature look!

In this lesson, you will learn important points on creating a graceful and calm low chignon,
which you can recreate in your salon just after watching this video!

"Is there a chignon hairstyle for adults?"
"I want to make a beautiful chignon, but it is so difficult to keep the balance..."

A lot of hairstylists probably have concerns like these, at one time or another.

In this lesson, instructor Hiroki, whose hairstyling videos are very popular, will teach you how to make a low chignon hairstyle which gives out a mature look.

In this lesson, you will learn

◆How to stabilize your chignon
◆How to fix loose spots
◆How to create a balanced and soft look
◆How to deal with popping out hair

and even more! Watch this video to learn tricks and techniques on how to create a chignon with a high level of completeness!

Master making a low chignon and start arranging this hairstyle in your salon right after! This hairstyle is very popular among adult ladies.

The instructor will thoroughly explain even the smallest details, so it feels like you are taking a real seminar. During the lesson, all your questions will be solved one by one.

Make sure to watch this lesson on how to create a stable but simple and professional-looking hairstyle as taught by instructor Hiroki!

Take this opportunity to master mature yet cute chignon hairstyle and start recreating it in your salon.
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