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Three-strand Braided Hairstyle.

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Recommended for beginners in hairstyling!
In this lesson, you will learn how to create a simple and easy, yet cute and mature braided hairstyle!

Even beginners can finish the arrangement in a few minutes!

In this lesson, you will learn points of creating a braid - a hairstyle that works both for staying at home and going out!

"I was relaxing at home but the delivery has come!"
"I was suddenly called out on a date! Is there any simple but cute hair arrangement?"

You will learn how to create a hairstyle perfect for these situations!

In this lesson, instructor Hiroki, whose hairstyling videos are trending, will make a detailed explanation of how to create a braided hairstyle!

◆How to hide a hair tie and create a charming look
◆How to add volume to your braid
◆A small touch to create a soft look

With this video, you will learn these and even more. Also, every step is followed by a detailed explanation.

This lesson is full of explanations on how to create this charming hairstyle! Even beginners and people who are not very good with hairstyling can easily finish this look!

This hairstyle is perfect for relaxing at home or for a sudden invitation to hang out outside.

Braids are easy to make and suit any situation.

It is okay even if you are a beginner and don't have confidence.
Watch parts that you didn't quite understand for as long as you need to create a flawless arrangement.

Take this opportunity to diversify your everyday hairstyles!
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