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Easy 2-way Haistyle with Kururinpa and Braids

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Beginners in hairstyling should try this out!
In this lesson, you will learn how to do a very handy hairstyle, which combines kururinpa and braids!

You will learn how to do two hairstyles in one lesson!

In this lesson, the instructor will introduce a 2-in-1 hairstyle, which consists of kururinpa and braids.

“I’m tired of hairstyles with just simple kururinpa”
“Is there any easy but fancy hairstyle?”

If these are what you have been thinking, we recommend the online lessons by instructor Hiroki,
whose hairstyling videos are trending right now!

The instructor will explain every minor point in detail, so even beginners and amateurs can easily complete this beautiful mature hairstyle!

In this lesson, you will learn from scratch how to do this refined hairstyle which gives out a mature impression!

◆How to make a neat kururinpa
◆How to hide the hair tie
◆How to naturally arrange hair tips that come out

The lesson is full of tricks and techniques which you can use in other hairstyles too!

You will also learn how to arrange your hair after completing braiding your hair.

This hairstyle is definitely useful for both casual and special occasions like weddings!

“My kururinpa always gets too clumsy…”If you are troubled with this,
try out styling your hair according to instructor Hiroki’s instructions, and you won’t fail!

Take this opportunity to master how to make this hairstyle, and make your everyday hairstyling routine more enjoyable!
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