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Basic curls and Messy Waves.

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Watch this video for free!
In this lesson, you will learn how to create a messy hair arrangement.
This lesson is recommended for beginners and clumsy people!

Finish this stylish and natural look just in few minutes!

In this free lesson, you will learn the basics of curling and styling messy waves!
Use this technique soon after watching the video!

"I am no good with styling my hair, and all I can do is the ponytail only..."
"Why do I look older than I am?"

For those with such concerns, we recommend instructor Hiroki's online lessons on hairstyling!
The instructor's hairstyling videos are trending on the Internet!

You can watch the part that you didn't understand for as long as you wish, so even beginners can easily accomplish the arrangement!

This lesson is full of detailed explanations on how to curl your hair and create messy waves. Even amateurs can assemble this stylish, natural, and mature hairstyle without any problems!

You will learn how to curl your hair to make it look cuter after tying with a hair tie,
and how to create slightly mature messy waves.

Master this technique and try it out with ponytails and many other hairstyles!

A lot of people are struggling with creating a natural, messy look when trying to do it all by themselves,
and some end up with a sloppy hairstyle.

There are several important points you need to follow to create a cute and stylish mature hairstyle!

Take this opportunity to practice and try out this arrangement right now!
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