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Corsage of the flower

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Make your gift look prettier with this corsage!
It's a lesson on how to make a flower corsage that can be used in various occasions.

This is an ideal item when you give a gift to people special to you.

In this lesson, you'll learn how to make a flower corsage
which can be used on various occasions!

When you give a gift to someone special, you wan to make even the wrapping special.
"Just wrapping a gift in a wrapping paper is somehow dull..."

In such cases, how about try making
a beautiful corsage with arranged flowers?

Even beginners of flower arrangement can simply make a corsage
which looks just like something you see in stylish shops.

In this lesson, Takizawa who is running Honey Garden
will deliver the techniques to make the corsage fashionable in detail.

◆Tip for cutting flowers
◆Tip for arranging flowers in a well-balanced manner
◆How to fill up small gaps
◆Details for making the corsage cuter

It is a lesson packed with plenty of tips and techniques that flower arrangement beginners would like to refer to.

The corsage can be not only given to other people with a gift but also used for clipping notes.

Enjoy your own arrangements by changing the color to match the wrapping paper or adding seasonal flowers to produce a sense of the season.

Take this opportunity to learn how to make a flower clip, and incorporate Takizawa's beautiful flower arrangements in your life!
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