Mini Flower Wreath

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Beginners of flower arrangement should start from this lesson!
In this lesson, you will learn how to make a mini wreath that can be done in various arrangements!

You can decorate in on the front of your house or in your living room!
Through this lesson, you can make a mini wreath in a very simple way!

「I want to decorate the front of my home...」
「I need some items to decorate the rooms suited for the season!」

This is the very wreath you need if you're a person with such needs.
The instructor is Kanako Takizawa from Honey Garden.

In this lesson, Kanako uses artificial flowers
to teach how to make a lovely mini wreath in detail.

◆Tips for sticking flowers to the base
◆Procedure for placing flowers in a well-balanced manner
◆Tips for making the wreath look three-dimensional and colorful
◆An extra little step to give a beautiful round shape

It is a lesson packed with plenty of tips and techniques that flower arrangement beginners would like to refer to.

From putting flowers on the base to finishing the wreath by attaching a wire, Takizawa delivers her unique tips and techniques in detail.

Whether you're a beginner of flower arrangement or not, please try making the Takizawa style wreath!

Once you have understood the tips for making this wreath, you can make various other wreath arrangements.
Try changing the color of flowers or use different flowers to match your room and the season.

Take this opportunity to learn how to make a basic mini wreath and bring lovely flowers in your everyday life!
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