Natural Green Wreath with Rosemary

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Even beginners can easily make it!
Takizawa lets you know how to make a green wreath with a calm impression!

It is a natural wreath with beautiful rosemaries!

In this lesson, Takizawa will teach you
the basics of making a green wreath that can be used as a decoration.

Even though it is not colorful,
the wreath in green is refreshing and popular among adult women.

The method of making is simple so even beginners can easily give it a try.

In this lesson, Takizawa who is running Honey Garden
will teach you how to make a rosemary wreath!

In particular, she will teach

◆How to balance the whole wreath
◆Tip for making the leaves lively
◆Caution when placing the leaves on the side
◆How to place the flowers well
◆How to use the wire for finishing

and so on. The lesson includes many of Takizawa's unique tips that help you make a beautiful green wreath.

Because the wreath has a clean and pretty impression,
you can make use of it for decorating any room in your house.

You can also place small flowers anywhere on the wreath as you like. Try placing them in one place or spread them out to create different looks.

Even if you are a beginner of wreath arrangement, master how to make this natural wreath and bring refreshing flowers in your everyday life!
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