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Layered Pastel Flowers

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Simple flower art for the whole year!
This lesson will teach you how to paint layered flower petals.

This lesson will go over how to create overlapping flower petal
to give depth to your beautiful nail art.

Have you tried to make a design with overlapping flower petals yourself before?
Instead of neatly layering and giving the design depth,
did your nail art become muddied and sloppy?

This lesson will make all those worried disappear!
You will receive step-by-step instructions on how to properly layer flower petals.

Skills such as

◆What order to paint the petals
◆How to use your brush
◆How to maintain balance in the design

will be explained for you to create beautiful nail art with depth.

This lesson will also go over how to make simple floral shapes elegant and cute
with just a bit of extra attention.

The design will be gorgeous and have a beautiful sense of depth.

This lesson will be using 4 colors to paint the flowers,
but try changing the colors and placement of the flowers to create other cute designs!

Once you master this skill, you can add an extra flower to your usual designs,
or change the size to add it to a French nail.

You will learn everything from how to layer the petals to applying soft colors.
You're sure to improve your nail art skills with this lesson!

Please master this design and arrange it to your liking!
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