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Writing the Alphabets with a Straight Holder -Lowercase Letters-

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Comes with Ms. Shimano's original guid sheet! (Available after purchasing)

This lesson shows how to write the alphabets using a straight nib holder.

This tutorial shows modern calligraphy lettering using a straight holder.
It's a perfect lesson for those who have a straight holder.

A nib is the pen tip that is used in calligraphy writing.
To use a nib, you will need to insert it into a pen holder.

The holder comes in two types: an oblique holder and a straight holder,
and each holder has a different shape.

In calligraphy, the letters should have a 55° slant.
The oblique holder has a flange that is already slanted at this angle.

While the straight holder doesn't have this angle and needs to be held at an angle,
some people prefer writing with a straight holder.

Maki Shimano teaches how to write with an oblique holder in another lesson,
but this time she shows how to write using a straight holder.

It shows how to write lowercase letters with a straight holder.

Maki explains the tips for writing beautiful letters as she demonstrates.

The lesson also includes:

◯Points to remember when writing a letter that has some space
◯How to make nice downstrokes
◯How to tilt the pen tip

It contains various tips and points.

You will be able to learn the direction of the nib and the movement of the wrist
by watching how the instructor writes in the tutorial.

This lesson comes with a downloadable worksheet!

Students to this lesson can download the worksheet
from the bottom of the video.

Make several copies of the worksheet
and practice many times as you watch the lesson.
*Not a traceable practice sheet, but a sheet with guidelines.

Maki slowly writes the letters a to z in this tutorial,
so you can write along with her and learn the tips for writing elegant letters.

master the capital letterstechniques also,
and use these letters to create gifts for various occasions!
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