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Dreamy Plaid

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Easy art done fast!
This lesson will teach you how to make a soft plaid pattern!

In this lesson, you will learn a design perfect for Spring!
This lesson is on kaji's soft pastel plaid design.

This soft, pastel design is perfect for Spring,
and goes great with simple artwork.

This is a great design for customers
looking for a unique plaid pattern.

This soft and pretty plaid design
is easy to make once you learn the skill.
It's sure to be a popular design in your salon work.

Skills such as

◯How to bring out the color of the base
◯How to create a pastel color base
◯How to add the lines of a soft plaid design

will be explained in detail. By the end, you will know how to make this design quickly.

Even people with uneasy hands
can make the plaid design in this lesson!

Instructions on how to use the brush when painting the base and lines are explained clearly
so anyone can make cute, dreamy designs!

This lesson uses pastel colors as the base
for a dreamy look,
but changing the colors can give a different feel to this soft plaid design.

Try replacing the white lines with another color!

Soft, subtle plaid designs are great for Spring and Summer.
Please give this pattern a try!
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