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Copic Marker Illustration "Little Devil" Day. 1

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Drawing illustrations using COPICs!
On day 1 lesson, we will explain the tools we'll be using.

In this lesson, we will introduce to you the paper and pens that Kawana uses daily, when drawing illustrations.

Before showing you how to draw the illustration using COPIC,
we will lecture on the tools that we will be using.

Depending on what pen you use, the overall image of the drawing, will change drastically.

Also, by using different textured pens,
it would give movement to the illustration as a whole.

Have you come across a question with what pen to use,
out of all of the various types of pens out there?

In this lesson, we will mainly be using an ink pen called the COPIC,
but also introducing you to the pens to use for drafts, what type of paper to use, and may others.
We will be lecturing on:

◯What type of eraser would be suitable, when erasing detailed parts
◯The pencil grade and thickness of the lead when drawing the draft
◯How to use the 2 different types of white out

and explain on the other tools that go with it.

This lesson is recommended to beginners who find it diffucult
to choose their own tools,and people who are willing to
find out what Kawana's tool looks like.

Make this a reference and find tools that match you♪

After you find your tools, it's time to start.

Day 2 lesson:We will add colors to the drawing.

Process in overlapping various colors, to give it depth and movement to the illustration is a must-see.

Please you it for you reference!
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