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Hand-Drawn Flowers on Gradient Base

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See the salon process of painting a full 5-finger design!
This lesson will teach you flower art through working on 5 fingers.

This lesson will teach you how to create nail art on real nails instead of artificial tips.

By watching the process of painting 5 fingers
you will learn not just floral art, but how nails are painted at an actual salon!

Applying detailed floral designs by hand on a gradient base
may cause your salon work to take long if the steps aren't executed quickly.

The ability to smoothly work on 5 fingers can be a key to efficiently serving your customers.

In this lesson, you will see how kaji actually works at her salon
and how she creates her floral designs!

◆How to apply a gradient base
◆How to paint flowers with a hand-drawn touch
◆How to add elegance to your design

as well as tips on creating delicate flower art, such as

◯How to apply one color
◯How to fasten stones
◯How to create balance
◯How the process of creating nail art is actually conducted
◯Cautionary points on applying top gel

will be taught while you watch the salon work!

In addition to a traditional art tutorial,
this lesson will give you tips on the timing and skills for smoothly working on 5 nails.

This lesson will let you grasp the whole salon process.
You are sure to be 100% satisfied with this lesson!

Please practice these skills yourself for your own salon work!
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