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For Valentine's! Heart Chocolate Strap

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Let's make an accessory parts of heart chocolate♡
It's just for valentine day♪

In this lesson, you can get
●the way to make heart chocolate accessory parts
●how to joint the strap string to the parts

To make the heart chocolate, it's not only to fill the mold with rejin.
There are various points to color perfectly or some points to make difficult to break.

And, you can learn how to put the strap string to the parts from the basic
so don't worry if you are a beginner♪

Let's pay attention to the step of dropping chocolate!
After you've mastered, try to make in various shapes like square or triangle, let's combine and display✨

Music in a Video: The Wobble 22 (djLOUD MashUp) Ft.Taylor Swift,V.I.C. by djLOUD
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