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3 Variations of Dango

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In this lesson you will learn how to create 3 variations of dango: mitarashi, koshian, and nori-maki!
The instructor will teach you how to create miniature dango - the classic Japanese sweets.

It looks very realistic despite the small size!
It this lesson, the instructor will explain to you how to create 3 fingertip-sized variations of dango!

Polymer clay miniatures are the recent trend in DIY.
You can easily obtain polymer clay in DIY stores, and you don't need a lot of materials. These are some of the factors why it is so popular.

"I am a complete beginner, but I want to try out creating cute miniatures!"

For those of you, we recommend instructor Takeda's lessons, who is very famous on Instagram for her miniatures.

In this lesson, she will teach you the tricks and techniques of how to make 3 variations of dango - the classic Japanese sweets which are popular even among the miniatures!

◆How to stick a dango to the skewer
◆How to make tasty-looking mitarashi-an
◆How to create the koshian texture
◆How to wrap dango with nori

In this lesson, instructor Takeda will make a detailed explanation of how to recreate realistic dango!

Check out how to create a tasty-looking mitarashi-an with easy to get materials - you will not even need a resin!

The completed dango look very cute as they are, but if you put them on the plate, they will look just like the real thing!

You can change the color of dango and make 3-colored dango, or change the color of anko and make sakura dango!
There are so many ideas and variations!

It is amazing, how charming the Japanese sweets look even in such small size!

If you are hesitating to start creating miniatures, use this chance and try out making miniature dango!
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