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Onigiri Miniature

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Cute finger-sized onigiri miniature!
This tutorial will teach you how to model little cute miniature food!

It looks very realistic despite the small size!
In this lesson, you will learn how to create an onigiri miniature!

Polymer clay miniatures are the recent trend in DIY.
You can easily obtain polymer clay in DIY stores, and you don't need a lot of materials. These are some of the factors why it is so popular.

"I am a complete beginner, but I want to try out creating cute miniatures!"

For those of you, we recommend instructor Takeda's lessons, who is very famous on Instagram for her miniatures.

In this lesson, she will teach you the tricks and techniques of how to make elaborately detailed tasty-looking onigiri!

◎How to make nori
◎How to recreate the rice texture
◎How to make a grain of rice

You will learn the techniques listed above during this lesson. These techniques will come in handy in modeling other miniatures too!
Also, note the deliberate craft of sticking a little rice grain to the nori!

You can use these onigiris to create a bento miniature or as items for the dollhouse.

Try out mixing in sprinkles or placing other ingredients on the top!

Take this opportunity to master creating realistic miniatures! Let's experience a fascinating world of miniature modeling!
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