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Soft Nuance Flowers

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Flower art is popular among all age groups.
Add this soft nuance flower pattern to your nail art portfolio!

In this lesson, you will learn how to make a nuance flower pattern.
This delicate but elaborate soft pattern must be a great additon to your flower design repertoire.

This soft flower design is intricate and gives off a gentle feel.
It's great for salons that specialize in simple, subtle designs!

This design is suitable all-year-around,
and is appropriate for office settings.
It's sure to be a hit with all age groups!

Steps such as

◆How to balance the design
◆How to paint soft flower petals
◆How to add touches to bring together the whole design

will be covered in detail to help you properly create this nail design.

The thin flower outline is a very important touch in this design.
Please pay attention to how they are drawn, as they determine the soft nuance and delicate atmosphere of the nail art.

This lesson will also cover how to draw those lines.

This lesson will apply the design to the whole nail
but feel free to combine it with other designs,
or add a single flower on a solid color.

Pink is a common color for flowers, but using cool tones like blue
or bright colors like orange can be just as pretty!

It won't be an overstatement to call Instructor kaji
a nail art Queen considering her request rate!
Learn her delicate flower art and add this design to your own portfolio!
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