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Craft Dog

171222 craft dog square 01
171222 craft dog square 02
Not just drawing! Mayu shows you how to make a dog with a craft feeling!

Do you know what is the oriental zodiac of 2018? Yes, it's dog!
In this lesson, mayu shows you the process to make a Shiba Inu that is the most popular species of dog in Japan.

This isn't just an art that using gel and draw.
Mayu is using a special item that we use everyday in daily life :)

Once you get the technique, you can enjoy making adjustments or make other animals♡

You can learn
・How to take a balance of ears
・Some points to make a outline of face
・About the brush to draw face parts
・How to appear the craft taste.

and so on!
Mayu is lecturing perfectly at every step at this time too!
Let's master crafty art and make it by yourself!

Music in a Video: A Drive By Alone (Lorde Vs. Train) by Jeremy Turnbull