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How to Make a Cornet

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Comes with practice paper♪
This lecture will be on how to make a cornet.

This lesson will be on how to make a cornet that
will be used to pipe royal icing on cookies.

Surprisingly, it's difficult to make cornet.
It is a must have when making a beautiful decorations.

Making a beautiful cornet is the key to draw a perfect line
and delicate decorations.

This lecture will be on how to make a cornet, which hold a key role in making a beautiful decorations.

Let's master the complex procedure on making a cornet
with yuyu's thorough explanation.

◯Recommended OPP film size
◯How to cut open a closed OPP film
◯Tip on how to point the tip

will be the main focus of today.
She will teach you how to make the tip of the cornet pointy thoroughly
so that it's easy for you to understand.

Normally a transparent film will be used to make a cornet,
however, to make it easier to see, a paper will be used.

The complex procedures will be explained slowly using a colored paper.

In addition, yuyu's original practice paper has a twist.
It has been designed so that a beautifully pointed tip can be made.

It may be difficult at the beginning but
with lots of practice, you will get the hang of it.

The practice paper can be download as many times as you wish
so please use to rewatch the video and practice.
Please give it a go and perfect the art of making a beautiful cornet.
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