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Adjusting the Consistency of Royal Icing

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This lesson includes an original recipe by the instructor Yuyu!
She explains how to adjust royal icing consistency with water.

In this lesson, the instructor tells you the way of adjusting a consistency of royal icing
with some useful tips.

After making royal icing, you need to adjust its consistency
depending on your decorating needs or purposes.

Icing for piping lines should be stiffer so that it can keep its shape.
Icing for flooding, on the other hand, should be runnier and easily extensible
so that it fills in an area nicely.

The consistency of icing is so important for icing cookies.
Even the slightest mistake of the water amount in icing
can cause you a trouble in making beautiful decorations.

In this lesson, the instructor tells you how to adjust royal icing consistency from scratch
in a comprehensive way with some useful tips. For example, she explains:

○ How to add water to make an adequate consistency
○ How to check the consistency
○ How to put the icing into a cornet


With this lesson alone, even those who are not good at adjusting a consistency can succeed.

It's basically enough for decorating icing cookies
if you can do the adjustments explained in this lesson.

Once you master the way, you can broaden the scope of your creations
and improve their qualities.

You'll be able to handle delicate royal icing once you learn the right way.

So master it and make full use of it for your creations!
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