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How to Draw Lines

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Don't miss how to make icing sugar cookies for beginners!
This lesson video on how to draw lines comes with practice sheets!

In this lesson Yuyu will lecture on how to draw straight lines, curvy lines, dots, and droplets.

When making icing sugar cookies, the most important process is drawing the lines.
Drawing a beautiful line will boost the quality of the piece.

There are lots of people who feel that it is hard or
don't feel comfortable drawing lines with icings.

In this lesson, we will explain very easy on what Yuyu is aware of when drawing lines.

Furthermore, Yuyu's original practice sheet is attached to this,
so you could practice over and over again, while watching the video.
Other lesson:
◯How to hold and support the piping bag to draw a beautiful line
◯Why lines get so wobbly
◯How much pressure to apply to the piping bag when pushing out the icing
◯Tips on how to draw beautiful lines that are easy to follow

Explanations are well organized, brief but thorough.

You will be learning how to draw 4 types of lines;
straight, zigzag, big curves, and small curves, and dots, and droplets.
So this will broaden the types of pieces you can create.

At first, you will need practice, however, by using the attached practice sheet
to practice as watching the video lesson repeatedly, you will be able to do it.

Have fun creating your own icing sugar cookies,
by Yuyu style; lean what to keep in mind when drawing lines,
and tips on how to draw beautiful lines!
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