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Houndstooth Check with Paint

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Lecturing the difficult way to make houndstooth pattern!
Let's master the popular design at anytime♪

In this lesson, we're going to learn how to draw houndstooth pattern while using paint and shorten the curing time.

It's a very popular art but the step is really complicated and difficult.
You may have got lost or make mistake while drawing.

Why don't you master at this online lesson?
Ms. Tempaku lectures you delicately while drawing.

Let's learn this difficult art at online lesson that you can watch over and over♪

In this lesson, this color is introduced.

Music in a video: Chocomang - Heres Where You Call Me Maybe (The Sundays vs Carly Rae Jepsen) (https://soundcloud.com/chocomang/chocomang-heres-where-you-call-me-maybe-the-sundays-vs-carly-rae-jepsen)
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