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Check Pattern with Paint

180126 check square 01
180126 check square 02
The check pattern nail that can be applied to various designs!
Using paint, Maya Tempaku will be thoroughly teaching how to draw straight check lines.

This lecture will be about a gingham check pattern that features lightness
and soft, mature colors, which is perfect for this autumn and winter.

You will be using paint to draw the check pattern so
it will be easy to make a line with depth.

Since paint will be used instead of gel, it will shorten the curing time
and can be completed in a shorter amount of time, which will definitely help for busy salon work!

Since the check pattern is a very popular staple,
it is a design one would want to master.
Let's give it a try on this one, even if you are struggling with drawing straight lines.

During this lesson, in addition to the basic techniques on how to draw a gingham checker pattern,

◎Advice on how to control the thickness of the paint
◎Tips for how to draw lines with a regular interval
◎How to fix bent lines

will be explained in detail from the skillful Maya's point of view.

The technique on how to draw a standard gingham check pattern will be the basis for drawing
other check patterns, so please look thoroughly and practice till you can perfect it.

Depending on the thickness of the lines and the color that you use, it can drastically change the image,
so it can be arranged in various ways, simple, casual, feminine or mature.

Even if you regularly do the gingham check patterns at your salon,
this would be a good opportunity to review and update the check pattern techniques!
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